Taxi Fail

So..I’m in Macedonia!! And back to blogging. I don’t think anyone wanted to hear about my life in Arlington, Virginia anyway :)

I got here yesterday after flying all night, but I logged 12 hours of sleep last night so I think I should be good on the jetlag.

Things learned better at taking a taxi.

So someone offered me a ride home today but I wanted to catch up on a few more emails so I said, oh thanks, but I’ll grab a taxi! She said, do you know where you live?…um, no :(

Yeah I forgot my address, but I rebounded because I had it written down somewhere. Then I call the taxi and say, see you out front! Only..I have no idea where “out front is”. I mean, I walked through it coming in, but this is a big new Embassy and I got a winding tour of it all in the morning.

So I get to what appears like the front, but only see an Embassy driver, so I have to go ask him, ummm if I ordered a taxi where would it be? He pointed me off in another direction.

Then I got out front and there was indeed a taxi..perched completely on top of the sidewalk, but then I was like, oh geez. How do I know if this is mine? Also, what if he doesn’t speak English.

I don’t think I’ve been in a taxi where I didn’t know the language since I was 16 and in China for the summer. Humbling! I did bust out my one word of Macedonian: zdravo (hello) and then had to do a series of handmotions and smiles to get us to my house.

Note to self: Find the Albanian community..SOON. I could have chit chatted and easily explained myself, but instead I was just like..I hope he understood my version of what my neighborhood is called! In the meantime, figuring out how to say my house number in Macedonian would be convenient..

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