What’s wrong with how I look?

I’ve gathered enough evidence now to know that many people don’t think I look like a diplomat. This first became clear when I would stand in the “Diplomats Only” line at immigration in Mexico and they would always have a slight eye roll like, this girl clearly didn’t read the sign. Sometimes they would even vocalize it “This is a diplomats only line, m’am”.

Um. Yes. Understood. That’s why I’m in it…

Now that I am studying in cafes all the time around Arlington more than one person has approached me and said..are you studying for the foreign service exam??

I suppose they ask that because I have all these piles of books and notebooks in front of me which say on them “Foreign Service Institute”.

But why isn’t the first question, “are you in the foreign service?” Why would someone not in the foreign service have all the FS gear? Clearly, there is something about how I look that makes them sure I couldn’t already be a diplomat.

But, I mean, did they see “Argo”??? I’m pretty sure I look like a 2012 version of this lady:

And here is me (actually in my Tina Fey Halloween costume):

Perhaps it’s because people think I look young, but that seems strange since I’m pretty sure I got confused for a teacher more than once in high school. (But maybe that’s because I wore polo’s, khaki’s and these shoes everyday:

Not a joke, ladies and gentlemen. And, unfortunately, as my sister likes to remind me. Not only did I own a pair..when they got worn out, I bought the same exact pair again for the next school year.)

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1 Response to What’s wrong with how I look?

  1. cladoceran says:

    I definitely found some different information from this.

    It’s great that you took the time to do all of this. I have to admit, I more than likely spent about 3 hours on your blog. But so what, it was nevertheless worthwhile.

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