shiz show

Worst. Black Friday. Ever.

Let’s just time line this out..

1 am Friday: At my friend’s house and everyone decides that the Brazilian and Venezuelan who are visiting should see what a Black Friday is like. I had work Friday, but I didn’t want to miss out on the night time adventure, so I say: sureeee, I’ll come along. I didn’t need anything though.

1:30am: Leesburg Outlets are crazzzyyy. Lines to get into most stores. Everyone is practically in pjs and the scene looks slightly like a zombie movie..walking dead.

2:50 am: Bought some tights. Wowww. What a crazy shopping evening…not really.  Getting ready to reunite with the group, then I remember. There used to be a couch at Restoration Hardware that I wanted. I go. It’s still there, BUT on SALE. Literally 900 cheaper.

3:02 am: Bought the most beautiful leather couch ever. A true adult luxury purchase.

Total happiness.

Fast forward to 2pm.

2pm: I get out of Albanian class, and without even leaving the classroom, I call the delivery guy to get my beautiful couch to my apartment!!

2:03 pm: WORST MOMENT EVER. The delivery guy basically goes, “wait, what size couch..wait, what apartment complex?? Um, your couch won’t fit in the elevator there.”

Hold up. What?

The guy is like, “yeah, call your building if you want, but that couch won’t fit.”


Why F? Because it’s an outlet store and there are signs in it everywhere “ALL SALES FINAL”


2:10pm: My Albanian teacher who is still in the room, says “don’t worry. you have good job. you have health. you have family”. Ok. true. But this was a bad moment.

2:20pm: I get back on the road to drive out to Leesburg to try and beg the store to let me return my very expensive couch.

4:50pm: Aghhhhhhh Worst mall traffic I’ve ever seen. I didn’t understand why people without devastating life moments were even continuing to wait in line.

5:40pm: I knew ultimately it was my error for not checking the size of my apartment, I could only beg for help from the store manager. Which I did. Layering on my nicest of nice..despite only 3.5 hours of sleep that morning and the crazy traffic wait.

6pm: I broke him! He agreed to let me get another couch and purchase some other things to make up the price.

So. It worked out. Thank GOD.

I am now getting this lovely couch delivered to me manana!

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4 Responses to shiz show

  1. Totally cracking up!! Hoping the delivery is smooth and that you like this one even better!

  2. peterturck says:

    Awesome couch!

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