I don’t care

Nuk pyes. That means “I don’t care” in Albanian. It’s in my notes from today. It’s in my notes because my teacher wrote it on the board. He wrote it on the board because he said it out loud. He said it out loud because..he wanted to tell me, he didn’t care what I was saying.

Dave Chappelle has this line in his stand up routine where he says “you ever hear something that was so racist, you weren’t even mad? You were just like, DAMN, that was racist!”

Yeah, the moment was kind of like that. Basically my classmate had shared her hw which was a summary of some article of jobs where people are the happiest. After she was done, I chimed in that I didn’t agree with the elementary school teacher one. And she said, I know! I don’t agree with the analyst one. I was an analyst for four years. eck!

And as she was saying that, my teacher stands up, and writes on the board “I don’t care”. Then he says. “That’s how you say I don’t care. It’s actually kind of a rude way of saying it, but, anyway, I don’t care about your opinions. I care that you wrote a good piece of homework. Next person.”

My mouth just went agape and then I just burst out laughing. Who says that??????????????????????? Aren’t we in class to chat and practice our crappy speaking skills?? I was just like, OH SNAP! BURNNN!

I feel like he wasn’t being rude in his mind. He seems like a nice guy. But..that did happen.

But we seriously do need a mockumentary camera in the class so, I can do this face from time to time to the camera.

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