taco buddies

On Friday I was craving a taco soooo badly. But not just any taco. A legit Mexican taco. Now, I don’t think anything outside of Sonora, Mexico, can compare to a Sonoran taco, but I was happy to settle for real other Mexican. I had heard rumors of a food truck near my apartment that was supposed to be good.

After an embarrassingly long search for the truck considering its literally a 4 minute drive from where I live (and I’ve driven by it multiple times)..I found it! Tacos El Chilango.  As I walked up..I knew! This was going to be good!

There were two Hispanic guys eating next to the truck, three in the front seat, and 4 guys inside cooking.  They took one look at me and were just like, this gringa doesn’t know. The guys handed me my tacos and were like, do you want some of this salsa it’s…

And then I just told them. I know. I know because tacos are my jam. You don’t eat tacos 4 times a week for two years and not come out an expert. I pulled out the Spanish and explained my stay in the Sonoran Capitol, Hermosillo.

Instant friends with all Mexicans.  It’s the only conversation I’ve had since July where I used a Mexican hand gesture by accident, but then didn’t have to explain why I was doing a silly little finger wave, because they would know!!

We swapped stories on different towns in Mexico and then we all chatted for a long while after I finished my TWO DOLLAR TACOS. I even got a taco on the house. Not really necessary when they are 2 bucks, but it was nice!

My conclusion: not as good as Hermosillo. Nope. But Hermosillo rules and it was not to be expected. They were legit Distrito Federal tacos however, and for that I will be back as a frequent customer. Besides, it’s the only place in town I know of that I can do my finger wave and go by my adopted Mexican name of Sofi.

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4 Responses to taco buddies

  1. The Spouse says:

    Reading your post made my mouth water! We lived in Hermosillo back in 2001-2003. Yesterday we were just talking about how our little Serbian restaurant was our equivalent to El Burro Feliz and Taco’s Pina! Oh gosh. I can just taste one now . . . Thanks for the memories.

  2. mary obrien says:

    kaitlin I know the feeling. Mark and I make a lot of our own Mex. food because we couldnt find a place down here that was better than ours. Then we talked to the Mexican workers and they gave us a great ‘hole in the wall” where most people were Mexican . I loved my fried cactus .. but we love our tacos and esp the fish tacos. Enjoy . We dont have food trucks here but they are sure becoming popular in the cities. I used to crave certain food when I lived in japan. You finally had to learn how to cook well or you did without. love m.

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