Gone With the Wind vs. Boy Drowned in a River

So, as you all might know, I got a new teacher last week. It’s been quite the flip flop on personality style..all extra interesting since these two teachers are married and sometimes I get distracted thinking about the kinds of things they might both find funny because..they are very different.

My old teacher was all, “Oh Gone with the Wind! Excellent movie!..I know, that presidential debate was crazy! I hated the shirts…wait? you had a date? Was he good looking..what happened?..what do you mean the couch doesn’t fit!? don’t worry. it will be ok…Kaitlin, you are funny, like my daughter!..Sometimes women are smarter then men. Is true.”

With my old teacher we chatted about everything. She’s veryyy up on pop culture.

My new teacher is all “….”. (PS. that’s a serious silence. We have silences a lot where we all look at each other. Usually I break first and giggle, though that’s not part of it. We are supposed to be silent).

Actually though, my new teacher can talk. He likes drawing a map of the region on the board in the form of various size circles as he explains historical battles. He also gets very animated about folk stories so far these are my two fave:

1. (PS these are shorter, both for your reading convenience and for the fact that they were told in Albanian and I mighhhht of missed some pertinent details..soo, know that.) It used to be in Albanian culture that old men were taken to the edge of a cliff when they got to be to old and burdensome and their younger sons would push them off. But then one day one son took his son with him on the journey. When he got to the cliff he realized that he didn’t later want to be pushed off too by his little son, so he decided not to push his dad off. The end.


2. Guests are really important in Albanian culture. Seriously, you’re supposed to slaughter a lamb for them when they come over. Once in a village a guest appeared in a middle of the night. The men gathered together in the living room while the women prepared a feast. The men sang and played instruments. At one point they hear a scream outside. It sounded like a young boy. The guest said, what is that?? The host said, please, don’t worry. Enjoy your time. Don’t worry about other noises.

But in fact, the screaming had been the son of the house who had gone outside and fallen into a river. His scream were his pleas for help as he was drowning. PS. The son DROWNED and no one paid attention because the guest came first. The end.

(Please note that this story was actually really long and I definitely missed a few parts and my teacher actually teared up when he got to the part about the boy dying. When that happened I was just like, Waiit? What? Why are you upset?? Omg. Did I totally miss the point of this story? Did this happen to your family or something???

On our break, I went up to him and asked, ummm, was that a real story? He responds no, it was a play. A very good play.

The end.)

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2 Responses to Gone With the Wind vs. Boy Drowned in a River

  1. peterturck says:

    That sound alot better than my average day. Just a side not I read the other day that gone with the wind is the most popular book in North Korea because its one of the only books that weren’t banned and any ordinary citizen could practically tell you the whole story. Anyway keep up the good work in Albanian class!

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