head to head!

Oh. my. Goodness. I lost it today in class. A true comedic moment. I seriously don’t understand the emotional control of my classmates. They all managed to keep a straight face, but not I.

Let’s sum this up. Before, my teacher was a 63 year old woman who is insanely hilarious with excellent conversation topics and amazing facial expressions and energy. Now, I have a 70 (I’m guessing) year old man who rarely cracks a smile and is prone to very serious, very definite statements.

They are husband and wife.

While speaking in class today, he started correcting our pronunciation of a few words ending with ë. All of the other Albanian teachers have told us that you don’t have to pronounce this letter. Only people in a certain region do.  We told him this, and he says, “no! this is necessary! It must be pronounced. All teachers say this.”

Us: Noo, all teachers say we DONT have to pronounce it.

Him: It’s not true. You must.

Us: Your wife says we don’t have to pronounce it!!! Haha

Him: Hmph! I will get her right now!!!

And he leaves the class with a serious face to search for his wife. She comes in like a bubbly queen of the room. (PS this is all in Albanian)

Her: Hi!!!!! Wasssup?? Omg. sooo. How are you guys??

Us: Do you pronounce the ë at the end of words?

Her: Nooo. It’s all up to you!! You can if you want!

Him: (Shaking his head looking soo annoyed. Staring at the clock) No you cannot. You cannot.

Her: Yeah, so, definitely do what you want. Many people don’t pronounce it.

Him: It is a must.

Her: So, what else have you guys been up to???

Him: Thank you. (Motions to the door)

Her: Kaitlin, how was that date??

Him: (Rolling his eyes, checking his watch, shuffling his papers) Thank YOU!

Her: Okkk, well, it’s been funnnn! Bye guys!!!!!

She leaves. We all try to keep a straight face in front of the defeated teacher. We all stare in silence. Then he proceeds as if nothing ever happened.

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1 Response to head to head!

  1. The Spouse says:

    Omg. This cracks me up! Had a Serbian teacher so similar to this. He’d walk in, slouch in a chair, yawn, smirk, and ask, “So, what do you want to learn today?” Uh. We are beginners. How about, Serbian? One has to spend way too much time with these folks. Way. too. much. time.

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