like a man

So yesterday on our little 5 minute break in class the teacher makes some comment to these two guys in my class (to use the word closet in a sentence). “Kaitlin has a lot of shoes in her closet”. I pipe in, actually I don’t. I have big feet and I it’s hard to find shoes. He says “what size do you have?” Me: 10.5. He says “Oh! like a man!”

Um..i guess. Thanks.

But then he goes on. “I know why you have big feet.” Me: Oh, why? Him: “When your mother was pregnant she thought, I want this baby to be smart and successful, like a man. But in order for you to have the power and success, you had to have some male qualities. That is why you got big feet.”


Now I guess I could of busted out my years of Feminist Studies for some sharp critique on that statement, but since he is old, and I know he meant it as a compliment that I was smart and successful, I let it slide. It was kind of sweet. Definitely a weird and folk tale-ish comment, but nice.

I think that might have been us bonding.

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