Today my physical therapist asked me how swimming was going. (We agreed that was an activity I was allowed to do. We agreed 6 weeks ago.)

I told her: great! Great activity! Doesn’t hurt.

I didn’t tell her: I’ve only been once so far..

Then she asked me if I had checked out Aikido classes that we had talked about. (I said I wanted to do Krav Maga. She said with my ankle Aikido would be better).

I told her: Oh..um.. no. Not yet :S

Then she told me she scoped out the ballroom dancing scene for me over the past week. She reported on where there were younger crowds. Last time I saw her I told her I used to compete in ballroom dancing but didn’t do it here because I didn’t want to take a class, I just wanted to dance.

I told her: Oh..Yes..Um.. I will look into those.

Going to the physical therapist is a constant reminder that my life is boring. Nooo Ms. Physical Therapist, I am not starting fun activities. Are they activities in which I can speak Albanian? Then, no. I’m not doing much of that.

That’s also why I don’t write a lot in the ol’ blog. What can you really say about learning a language? If I had funny stories about class I might tell them. But alas, ever since I switched teachers, class is a lot more like work, and less like the luxury that it really is..being a paid student.

My teacher doesn’t like conversation. Anytime there is a whiff of conversation in the air, he shuts that DOWN. We are only allowed to ask questions and give direct answers to those questions. If we stray, he stares, then instantly gives the floor to another person who will then have to answer that boring question.


Student 1: Do you have a Christmas tree at Christmas?

Student 2. Yes, my family and I put one up every year.

Student 1: Yes, mine too! This year though, my..

Teacher: Stare. “Good. Now, you, ask her the same question.” Stare.

Actually. We do a lot of staring in class. Today out of frustration I decided that tomorrow, I will bring a stop watch to class. And every time we sit in silence and stare at each other, I will start the clock and stop it when there is speaking. I am guessing to rack up at least 8 minutes of dead silence a day. It might seem like I’m wasting my time. But, if we aren’t allowed to talk, what else does one do while staring at each other in silence?

Just kidding. I probably won’t do that. But more because I can’t find my stop watch and less because of the idea itself. I’m personally intrigued to know how much silence I am accumulating.

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  1. Evan says:

    Funny about the stop watch. I had a professor in college who um’d and ah’d a lot. I bought one of those clicker-counter things, I’d hold it in my left hand in my pocket and count how many. In a 50 minute class, there were as many as 70 um’s and ah’s.

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