making friends at 3:30am

So Saturday night I go out with a friend. Around 2:30am we decide to head home. Now normally I would take a taxi, but since he was riding the metro, I thought, oh, I’ll ride a few stops with him and just metro home.


There is a reason why I taxi late at night. The DC metro is so lame and late night the trains are few and far between. So, if you have to transfer twice, like I did, you just sit there. And sit there. At 3:10 I am still in Metro center. Sitting on the train, which basically just parks itself and waits for the last of the stragglers to hop on.

While I am sitting there some guy tries to talk to me. Eww. Creeper. No. It’s 3:10am and I don’t want to chat.

Or..maybe I do. Or maybe I just want to BE the creeper.

I hear across the car a group of people talking and one says “well, there are lots of Albanians in Boston, also New York, but pretty much all around New England…”

Someone was talking about Albanians! Maybe..they were Albanian??

I hop out of my seat and creep over. “Heyyyy. Couldn’t help but overhearing. Are one of you Albanian??”

This young blond guy says, um yeah, I’m Albanian. I moved here when I was 9. I say, oh! I’m learning Albanian!!

He says, well, go ahead, what do you know? I said, po, si kam thene, po studioj shqip tani ne shkolle….

OMG! he says. You do speak Albanian! I have never heard anyone that wasn’t Albanian speak it.

He tells me we should hang out and he’ll help me study. We exchange numbers and I reach my stop.

We briefly texted back and forth in shqip and then he invites me to brunch in about 9 hours.

We go to brunch.

I have an Albanian friend.

The end.

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3 Responses to making friends at 3:30am

  1. Drilon says:

    I was looking for people who have taken the FSOT and here you are talking about Albanians on your latest post. I will give free online Albanian lessons if you can spare a few minutes of explaining what i should expect when i take FSOT next month.


    • kaitlinfso says:

      Miredita Drilon!
      It’s been awhile since I took the FSOT, and in terms of what the sections are, they should have a tiny guide online. It’s hard to study for because it’s kind of based on what you already know or not..kind of like studying for Jeopardy. I will say two concrete things that can help are: knowing where all the countries are, because maybe it comes up and it’s not so hard to learn all the countries before you take the test. Also, I prepped more in time management. I don’t know when the last time you had to write a good essay in 30 minutes was, but if it’s been awhile, you should practice. I just got a few AP study guides, like for US History and Government, and then would do the essays they had in there. That actually helped a lot getting back into the mode of knocking out a great 5 paragraph argumentative essay in 30 minutes. Paq fat!

  2. ireneshh says:

    Apparently, 3AM is a great time to make new friends! 🙂

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