woah..I speak Albanian

As my friend reminded me the other day, I haven’t written a blog in months. Oops. What can be said? I mean…it’s not like my life is boring, but most of the things that happen aren’t in the spirit of this blog.

But guess what??? In the time I was checked out of wordpress, I magically learned Albanian. I say magically, because, seriously, I think I blacked out and came to today in my final exam.

I PASSED!! Heyo. Now, not a crazzzzy feat, it is decently cool because to review, 8 months ago I couldn’t even say hello in Albanian and today, with only 5 minutes prep,  I gave a 10 minute speech on prison management.  The secret trick to the language exam is that you don’t have to actually be factually right about anything you say. They just want to check your train of thought and your language skills. After that, I can say things like the US taxpayers pay $100,000 a year for each prisoner. Is that true??? I thought I read that somewhere, but maybe it was $100,000 over their prison sentence? Yeah, maybe. That makes more sense.

But it doesn’t matter! Sometimes in class I would just say obnoxious things just to use different vocabulary. No one wants to hear me give another speech on my opinions on Northern Virginia’s excellent public school system, so why don’t I just argue that any kid that can should go to private schools and avoid socializing with public school riff raff?

Every once in awhile I felt like I had to explain to my classmates I was lying for the vocab. Couldn’t have them thinking I believe every teacher should carry a gun, or that I own a summer home in Spain.

So, in conclusion. I passed my exam with flying colors. 2+ in speaking (high intermediate)/ 2+ in reading. I was pretty stoked as I only needed a 2/2. Granted the higher score means nothing really..just that I was closer to fluent level 3/3. Dang it would have been baller if I had gotten that because if you have a fluent level you get paid more!! But, alas, those in class for 3/3s are in class until July, so I suppose a 2+ was the best I could have gotten for an April finish.

anyyyyyway. I plan on making my way back to the blog…stories to be TOLD

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3 Responses to woah..I speak Albanian

  1. Nancy Foley says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. I tried to learn how to say thank you in Albanian….well…I am still trying.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Nomads By Nature says:

    Way to go!!!

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